The respected lawyer of the Kalutara Bar, the physician, MP for Beruwala who lived in the hearts of the masses, and later the Speaker of the Parliament who stood for the grievances of the destitute, the Governor for the Southern Province and the humanitarian extraordinaire.

A product of Royal College Colombo and Asian International School, Adhil took to law like a duck to water just as his father did and his paternal grandfather before him.

Born on August 8, 1953 to M.A. Bakeer Markar – a descendant of the famous unani physicians of Hakeem Villa in Beruwala and Sithy Kadeeja, daughter of Wairooshi Mohamed Refai

Goodness for everyone

The seaboard town of Beruwala, located 56 km South of Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo is home to Bakeer Markars’. Beruwala steeped in history, is a melting pot of diversity. Just as this settlement personifies a vibrant and an inclusive Sri Lanka, one of its oldest ancestries- Bakeer Markars’ have at all times been harbingers of goodwill, brotherhood, empathy and equality.


Those who navigate the pages of this platform are enabled not merely a window to a lineage of trailblazers, but to ethos of a culture, a progressive nation which they have strived to champion. With each imprint in history, the family of Bakeer Markar inspires all Sri Lankans to trail a trajectory of mutual understanding, reconciliation and development.


This platform also provides a snapshot of three generations of Bakeer Markars’ offering inspiration in abundance for generations to come. Going beyond a repository of family history, this digital archive is also a quick tool to apprehend the footprints Bakeer Markars’ have left behind. Be it a diplomat, statesman, researcher, student or any person with a zest for knowledge, this platform is essentially a slice of contemporary Sri Lankan history which calls to be perpetuated.